Sustainable Swaps

Throughout the last ten months we have been looking at ways to swap our everyday items for something more sustainable so this is a glimpse into what we have changed and what we haven't! Firstly keeping our bodies clean. We started using soap instead of shower gel and tried to get soap with no packaging... Continue Reading →

Consumerism – whose fault is it anyway?

It was with great sadness I read the news yesterday from the International Panel on Climate Change about how little time there is to prevent a global warming catastrophe. I read the recommendations which all centred around what we as individuals should be doing eg. eating less meat, walking instead of taking the car and... Continue Reading →

Hitting a wall

We are now almost at the end of our 9 month of our year of living sustainably and to be honest we have hit a bit of a brick wall. Mark is now happily back in work in a fab job at a local Schools Academy Trust, Samuel is now in juniors and I am... Continue Reading →

Kent and clothes shopping

Well what a fantastic summer - we have had a ball!! Perhaps not the most sustainable holidays ever but we spent the time with our amazing friends and family and giving and receiving a lot of love -ahhh! Our most recent trip to Kent was great and we stayed in the middle of nowhere of... Continue Reading →


Well it has been a while since our last post. It has bee rather hectic. Firstly Mark finished work and focused on the kitchen. We looked at what we could do =to be reasonably sustainable during this project, although, having building works to open up the end wall and installing patio doors to buying an... Continue Reading →

Bye bye wormery – hello petition

The wormery is no longer however I did find one lucky surviving worm who has been rehomed next to the wisteria. We are not beaten though! The reason we had to buy a wormery is that our local council in Plymouth doesn't collect food waste. Every other council in Devon does so why aren't we? So... Continue Reading →

The Sustainable Dinner party

Guest blog from Claire Turbutt: So the reason I’m writing this blog is that I invited Jane and Mark to a dinner party, I hadn’t chosen the theme at the time of the invite and Jane ‘convinced’ me to hold a sustainable dinner party. I didn’t know what I’d let myself in for! So I’m... Continue Reading →

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