Locally sourced meat – a cost comparison

My next challenge this week was to buy our meat from a local source – I have tried to convince the boys to become vegetarian but this is a step too far for us all at the moment. I would consider it but making two different meals after a day a work would annoy me – what a wimp!!

Anyway I went off to Gribbles the butcher in Plympton today and bought a meat box for £29.95 – had a nice chat to Craig the butcher (pictured below) about sustainable living and being a vegetarian (he wasn’t supportive of this idea funnily enough!)

So was it more expensive you ask? This is my comparison with the “same” products from Sainsburys – I have gone for British meat options:

Diced beef (500g)  £4 / Chicken breasts x 2 £2.40 / 6 Lamb and mint sausages £4 / 4 pork chops £3.50 / Minced steak (500g) £3.75 / Bacon 18 rashers £6 = Total £23.65

So it was £6.30 more expensive but I am hoping it will taste better and I know it comes from local farms where the animals are looked after. I also got a loyalty card and the points stack up pretty quickly get a freebie – much better than Nectar points!


This is Gribbles online – http://www.gribblesbutchers.co.uk/meat-boxes-steaks-joints/gribble-s-boxes.html





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