What is living sustainably and does it really make a difference?

This is the million dollar question and why we are doing this blog. I feel like we are bombarded with loads of different things we should be doing to save our planet and made to feel guilty for about numerous things on a daily basis.

These past few months there seems to be an increasing focus on plastic and especially Blue Planet II showed the devastation going on around the world attributed to our lifestyle and use of plastic.

I feel overwhelmed, guilty and sad but these emotions are shortlived in the busyness of life. Work, family, friends, holidays take over and my good intentions get lost so quickly. t But this year I want to stop feeling like this and make some changes at long last. These are my initial subjects I want to explore – I am sure more will emerge throughout journey:

  • What are the sustainable big hitters – if we did one thing what should it be?
  • Behind the scenes at the recycling centre
  • Behind the scenes at the local charity shop
  • Practical (and realistic) ways to shop locally in Plymouth and surrounding area – veg boxes / shops / butchers
  • What happens at the incinerator?
  • Comparison of a “sustainable” shop and a supermarket shop
  • Can we really cut out plastic?
  • Getting green power for your home
  • Is second hand the way to go?
  • Simple sustainable switches

Mark always talks about the Starfish story – see photo below. I do find it a bit sugary so forgive me but i think it makes the point.





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