Our visit to the Zero Waste shop

Whilst out for the afternoon we decided to visit the Zero Waste shop in Totnes. I think there are a few dotted about the country but this is closest one to Plymouth. I had done a bit of research and basically they don’t use any plastic packaging at all (!)- you have to take your own containers or use the paper bags they provide.

It was a bit daunting but we got prepared and went along with our containers in our re-usable carrier bag – oh yes!!! The staff were very welcoming and showed us what to do – it was very easy – weigh your container – fill it – then weigh again. Samuel mastered it very quickly and loved it. We chatted to Richard, the owner, who was so lovely and really encouraging about our year of living sustainably.

In terms of price comparison this is the cereal we usually buy Oats So Simple sachets (10)(£2:45), Rice Krispies (£3:71) and Weetabix protein crunch (£3) – Total – £9:16. Today we bought Rolled oats (59p), Apple and Cinnamon cereal (£1:94) and Organic cornflakes (£4:66)  – Total – £7:19. We also got some washing up liquid that is made in Somerset from essential oils so I will be trying this out as well!

I am not totally sure whether today’s cereal purchase will last the same amount of time as long but it is a totally different shopping experience and it was great to get Samuel involved.

Check out their website at thezerowasteshop.co.uk


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