Back to the milkman – oo-er!!!

Today was our first day of having our milk delivered in a glass bottle! It was very exciting for us all to go out the front door and see our milk and our free pint of orange juice too. I am not entirely convinced this is a sustainable switch but at least we are reducing one route of plastic into our home.

It was 81p per pint as opposed to 109p for 4 pints from Tesco so it is wildly more expensive. I rang up Milk and More, who are delivering the milk, to find out how much goes to the farmer as opposed to Tesco however it sounded like it was answered by a call centre in India. I asked whether it was better for the environment to get the milk in glass bottles and the lady hesitated and said “er yes…” – I think she may have thought this was a slightly obvious question.

It has really made me think about milk prices. I have heard many debates about milk being cheaper than water but not really taken a lot of notice until now. Thinking about why is milk only 25p per pint? This does seem very cheap. I think I will investigate this more – watch this space

I have seen a milk product in Morrison’s that says 23p per 4 pints of milk would go to the farmer. Although this sounds good, without understanding the costs to the farmer there is noway to know if this is good value or not.


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