Seriously….reusable toilet paper!

I have been reading lots of other sustainability blogs over the last few weeks and this may be the most challenging yet…..could we switch to reusable toilet paper or “family cloths”? There are a fair few sites and options out there but I do wonder whether using toilet paper really affects our carbon footprint to a great degree – there is an interesting article here Family Cloths – Gross or Great about the pro and cons which I found helpful.

At the moment Mark is a “definite no”, Jane is a “would be prepared to give it a go” and Samuel is “as long as I can have mine own.” – The jury is out on this sustainable switch.


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  1. Curious to know if you manage to try it out! I’ll be doing my own trial once I get organised and sew some cloth squares. I’ve been warned by my husband that I’m only allowed to use them for number ones, though. He doesn’t want the other kind in the washing machine with his laundry! 😛

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  2. Hi there, This is such an interesting topic, but at the same time it feels kind of taboo. One of my friends has her own toilet cloths (only for post urination purposes) which she has used for many years. I think it’s a great idea. As for me, for the warm months of the year, I’m happy to wander out into the bush near our house to find a quiet spot and for toilet paper I use a leaf of the ubiquitous Australian tobacco tree. It’s soft and strong and does a really good job. The lady who recommended it to me said “once you try it, you’ll never go back.” She was right.
    All the best with your sustainability project.


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