Should it take an hour to darn a sock?

Buoyed up by the positive feedback to our blog and our family’s appearance in the local paper I thought I would tackle the hole in my sock. As part of our year of living sustainably we are trying not to buy new clothes and embrace the “make do and mend” culture. When I found a hole in my sock I thought “I know I will darn it!” – I seemed to remember my gran doing this, back in the old days, with a wooden mushroom thing.

I duly went to a local hobby store and bought one and some needles with the thread (£6:10) – I had to ask this lovely fellow shopper for advice. We had an enlightening conversation about darning socks and her daughter who lives in Hampshire. I then sought advice from my Mum about how to actually darn and her words of wisdom stretched to “Watch a YouTube video…” – I am not joking.

Anyway not to be dissuaded I got my wooden mushroom and sock and obligatory glass of wine all ready. It then took me about half an hour to actually thread the needle (in between sips of wine of course). After this I had a very thin thread which took ages to cover the hole and at last after an hour I finished it – see photo below:

This experience has taught me many things:

Don’t drink wine while darning socks

Don’t ask my mother for advice on sewing matters

It might actually be more sustainable to wear no socks or flip flops for the rest of my life.



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