Community Litter Picking and a moaning wife

Regardless of how good we all are at trying to reduce our plastic waste, there will always be plastic waste!

The main purpose of our year of living sustainable is to reduce our carbon footprint and stop plastic waste from entering the sea as seen on Blue Planet II (although I have heard if you buy the DVD version it comes in single use plastic – someone really did not think that one through!)

There are many things we can do to reduce our plastic waste to stop it from entering the sea and one of these is litter picking!

Our local Ward Councillors started a community litter pick last year so once every couple of months we join a group of volunteer litter pickers in our area. We get an attractive bright yellow tabard which shows what we are doing, however it is clear that some people think we are on community service and paying for our crimes.


Last Saturday was our group litter pick and there were 9 of us including Jane, Samuel and myself who met outside the local pub.

The weather is good with no rain for once! Jane’s response, was “Oh I don’t really want to go as it is cold”. After a few minutes of persuasion from Samuel (he is 7) she agreed to go. She was very positive in taking the group photo and from there on in her enthusiasm was all used up.

We spilt into small groups and cleared a road or two each to meet back outside the Post Office and drop our bags at the litter bin for Plymouth City Council to pick up. Jane had gloves and managed to moan not once, not twice but three times every minute on how cold she was. Samuel on the other hand was picking up rubbish very well. The worst bit was a narrow alley under a street light where we found untold amounts of cigarette end and chewing gum, clearly a hang out for the local kids. We also found a broken car hub cap, and part of a mobile phone. Rubbish was always greater near a bus stop, so maybe a litter bin in these areas would help.

In less than a hour we found our way back to the Post Office to drop our bag, which by now was quite heavy. By the time we returned there was several bags, and PCC was arriving to collect our bags. Well done PCC for your help.

During our hour we had a number of people talk to us saying what a great job we were doing and also people waved and gave us the thumbs up from their cars. I have to say we still look like we are on Community service, but a good deed done we celebrated with a hot cup of coffee and a bag of sweets at home.


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