The obsession about plastic waste

It has been amazing week in our world – appearances in the local press and on regional TV and lots of encouragement from our whole community – thank you to you all for the support. As I am taking it all in there seems to be a huge focus on plastic waste and don’t get me wrong – this is a VERY important issue but it is only part of the picture from what I can tell.

When we did our carbon footprint only one section of one question was about plastic, the rest focused on how many long haul flights we took, where we got our energy from,  locally sourcing our food and how much new stuff we bought – basically how much we consume.

After working in public health for many years I know, without a doubt, the big companies who control our food choices will be beavering away to get their products into non plastic packaging. The photo below is called “The Illusion of Choice” and shows how many of the brands we think are disconnected are actually owned by the same company.

My personal favourite connection is Coca-Cola who produce Coke (obviously) also control Innocent Smoothies . Don’t believe it – check out this report – Coca Cola take over Innocent


It will be great and a huge step forward to reduce to world’s reliance on plastic, especially single use plastic and we are definitely on this journey but lets not get misled but these big companies. They are not being altruistic – they are making money – they will continue to put unsustainable products in non plastic packaging and make it appear as though they are doing us a favour.

I am cynical but I am also realistic – Danone, Coca Cola, Nestle etc are set up to make money – they have a legal responsibility to shareholders. The public is now demanding no plastic packaging – they will meet this demand but we need to ask for more. Lets ask these multi million pound companies to show us their carbon footprint and their ways to reduce it.


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