My eggs are covered in mud!

Very excited as I have managed to find a local egg supplier on a farm just outside Plymouth. I messaged him via Facebook and told where I lived and my eggs appeared on my doorstep! I want to say they taste amazing but they taste just like eggs from the supermarket but I do know they are proper free range and from real Devon chickens.

Check out: Warleigh Barton if you want your own eggs! PS I haven’t even paid for mine yet! – they invoice after 4 weeks – if only Morrisons did that…..


2 thoughts on “My eggs are covered in mud!

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  1. That’s awesome! I would love to find a similar service here in Brisbane, Australia. I feel ok about buying eggs since they come in cardboard (although a few brands seem to use plastic trays – whose bad idea was that?!), but I really don’t like using a new cardboard tray every time. It just feels unnecessary. Plus, having mud on my eggs would give me a lot of peace of mind when it comes to freshness!


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