The deodorant switch

The deodorant switch has been my biggest challenge yet – we have switched so many different things but this for me has been the hardest so far. I have always been a loyal fan of Mitchum for many many years but saw a natural deodorant in a tin in the Zero Waste shop in Totnes. After much discussion with the friendly assistant, who swore that it was the best thing since sliced bread, I parted with my £6. This was very expensive compared with £1:92 for my trusty roll on but there is a good chance it will last until I retire in 20 years. It is made of coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and lavender – apparently you can make it yourself.

The verdict after four days is that it is much nicer to wear – it doesn’t feel gloopy and doesn’t get on clothes on anything but unfortunately it doesn’t really last. I am walking into work most days at the moment (another part of sustainable living….reducing car usage!) and surprisingly I am not as fresh arriving in work as when I left home. By the end of the day I am careful not to stand too close to anyone so although it is clearly much better for the environment and no chemicals in this switch may not last.


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