Feeling grey….

Have you ever noticed that when you are on holiday the light is different and it shows up the wrinkles and grey hair more – I have this feeling in triplicate at the moment here in France. My grey hair is really showing through now and I feel sooooo ugly! I am finding I am avoiding my reflection as I look so bad – I kid you not! Rationally I know it is ridiculous but this is the reality of letting the grey grow out – it is really hard.

My lovely friend, Vicki (who we are on holiday with), also a hairdresser, said that most people go through this horrible stage when they are changing their hair and it will get better – I hope she is right because I am desperate to reach for that bottle of dye right now!

My grey hair is really coarse and frizzy and it seems as though I have got a bird’s nest on my head. Vicki says I need to use special leave in conditioner and also suggests using Head and Shoulders to strip the dye out quicker – I will do this when I get back home if I haven’t succumbed!

Sorry to all of you out there who are facing proper real life problems – I apologise for being so moany about a minor problem – off to get a grip of myself now!


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