Well it has been a while since our last post. It has bee rather hectic.

Firstly Mark finished work and focused on the kitchen. We looked at what we could do =to be reasonably sustainable during this project, although, having building works to open up the end wall and installing patio doors to buying an entire need kitchen, was not easy. We did however manage to free cycle various items, the kitchen cupboards we have already blogged about. The fridge freezer has gone to a new home and we reused the washing machine and dishwasher or so we thought, more on this is a mo. We have also installed new windows and a new boilers so we will be monitoring our gas usage other the winter to see if our usage will reduce.

The kitchen units arrived and seemed to take up the entire house, the wood is from a sustainable forest. Within 3 hours Mark dropped the largest piece of wood on this toe and spent the next three hours in the minor injury’s unit. Outcome was a broken toe and not being able to wear shoes for a week due to the swelling. Marks first reaction was oh no i won’t be running, Jane’s first reaction was oh no the kitchen.

The kitchen continued with help of Mark’s Dad. Our kitchen came from Howdens and we noticed that everything little or big thing was individually wrapped, this allows for mixing and matching of items, however do 4 screws really need to be in a single use plastic bag. There was a lot of cardboard which was recycle, and each piece of wood was also wrapped in a plastic to protect it, but it was not recyclable.


he old dishwasher was installed and failed to work, we could not find the fault and the units was integral to the kitchen install, we had a make a rush decision to purchase a new units and have it delivered in 48 hours so not to hold up the kitchen install, this however was probable not a sustainable option as had only a limited choice on what was available in such a short turn around.

We had both paint and wall tiles left however. Mark has used these to redecorate the church toilets to reduce our waste.

With the exception of a few minors points the kitchen is finished and we can now enjoy and relax in the kitchen come breakfast room. As the room now opens up into the garden we have spent much more time sat in the garden relaxing and having out meals. So the next project will be the garden.

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