Are you really going to…..

As you may know if you are from Plymouth this blog is being featured in our local newspaper every couple of weeks. The editor has asked us to respond to the questions people are asking us about our journey so here goes..... Why bother - it is the responsibility of the big companies surely? This... Continue Reading →

Please tell me this tastes better than it looks!

I am not sure if this is a joke - is this brown ball thing actually a vegetable? It looks like a alien's brain - surely it has got to taste better than it looks - help us with some ideas! Also our oranges have shrunk....I think fruit and veg knowledge is clearly lacking. 

The bread makers

It had to happen - we are now making our own bread! Mark and Samuel love bread so I found a second hand bread maker and managed to get it for £15 - bargain. Both the boys are really into it as it takes about 3 minutes to put all the ingredients in and the... Continue Reading →

The deodorant switch

The deodorant switch has been my biggest challenge yet - we have switched so many different things but this for me has been the hardest so far. I have always been a loyal fan of Mitchum for many many years but saw a natural deodorant in a tin in the Zero Waste shop in Totnes.... Continue Reading →

My eggs are covered in mud!

Very excited as I have managed to find a local egg supplier on a farm just outside Plymouth. I messaged him via Facebook and told where I lived and my eggs appeared on my doorstep! I want to say they taste amazing but they taste just like eggs from the supermarket but I do know... Continue Reading →

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