Going grey – yikes!!

So this is officially the biggest challenge for me (Jane) to date - I am going to stop dying my hair and let the grey grow through. I know you must be shocked to know that I even dye my hair but I am afraid I have been a slave to the bottle for many... Continue Reading →

The More of Less

As we are reading about other people living sustainably the concept of minimalisation keeps popping up so we have been investigating more! Also one of my new sustainable buddies, Sarah Rundle, gave me a book called "The More of Less" which is all about minimal living. Basically it is about getting rid of clutter and... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned from our hols

We are just back after a week's holiday up North and in Somerset seeing lots of family and we probably had our worst time in terms of sustainability since we started the year. The holiday started off badly with both me and Mark being very under the weather and feeling sorry for ourselves - Samuel... Continue Reading →

Make do and mend

Another part of the sustainability story is making do with what you already have and mending it if possible. I always remember my Gran darning socks and clothes and she always had covers on the sofa to stop the arms and headrests getting worn. Maybe as things are becoming cheaper it is easier to buy... Continue Reading →

My day of shopping

Since starting our year we have often been asked "What exactly are you buying now?" "What is different?" So this blog is trying to explain where we are up to - we are not totally there yet - wherever there is! Mark keeps complaining the fridge is empty and it is definitely emptier from the... Continue Reading →

Are you really going to…..

As you may know if you are from Plymouth this blog is being featured in our local newspaper every couple of weeks. The editor has asked us to respond to the questions people are asking us about our journey so here goes..... Why bother - it is the responsibility of the big companies surely? This... Continue Reading →

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